Al Jazeera Port
Al Jazeera Port

Al Jazeera Port

Conveniently located to the south of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah just 5 kms from the end of the E311 inter-emirate highway and in very close proximity to the Free Zones of RAKIA / RAKFTZ / Technopark, Al Jazeera Port and Shipyard offers  a comprehensive range of services and facilities to a wide cross section of the marine community.

The complex houses a Shipyard Area served by a synchro-lift and dry docking facility, numerous wet berths as well as warehouses, covered workshop space, open yard space, and offices. The Shipyard has it’s own Repair Division but a flexible and business friendly approach means owners, operators and repairers can rent their own berth and carry out the works under their own banner.

The Shipyard has a loyal core of resident operators, repairers and builders of all types of commercial vessels and craft and is attracting growing interest from the leisure sector for repair and newbuild facilities.

Also contained within the site is an ISPS controlled  Port Area which is well connected by road and sea to handle a wide variety of bulk, general and project cargoes and is very well served by a highly competent and proficient Stevedoring Division

All callers to the Shipyard or the Port can avail of Al Hamra Ships Agency which offers the full range of cargo and vessel clearance procedures through Customs, Immigration and Coastguard.

And, in keeping with the flexible business approach all other registered agencies can take a license to handle their clients calling here.

It only takes one call - we can do the rest.

  • Location Co-ordinates - N25 42 51/ E055 48 05
  • Draft – 5.5 Metres
  • 105,000 Square metres in area
  • 55,000 square metres of open storage space
  • 7,000 square metres of covered warehouse
  • 12 dry berths - 8 berths are 67.5m long x 30m wide, 4 berths are 77.5m long x 30m wide
  • Synchronized lifting dock lifting capacity of 1,100 tonnes; can accommodate vessels up to 55m in length x 18m wide
  • 9 jetties covering an overall length of 1.1 kilometers

Ship Yard / Dry Dock
Al Jazeera Port covers total area of over 105,000 sqm , including a Dry dock and Ship lifting system area. The adjacent area has 9 jetties totalling 1,110 meters in length , with two portable ramps.
Al Jazeera Port provides integrated port and related maritime services, and operates within the international standards of International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) and ISO 9001:2008.

Ship Repairing
This 50,000 sqm facility has 12 dry berths – 8 berths 67.5m long x 30m wide and 4 berths 77.5m long x 30m wide. The facility’s synchro lifting dock has a lifting capacity of 1,100 tonnes. The Lift Platform is 55m x 18m wide. 
Al Jazeera Port technical department always strives to achieve and exceed the expectations of its clients by setting the highest standards of repairing service, for any classifications.
In addition to port services, our workshops can provide the following specialist mechanical & electrical services.
• Steel structural fabrication as per any class requirements.
• Marine engineering and electrical repairs.
• Sand blasting and painting
• Carpentry and shipwright repairs.
• Engine overhauling and pipe renewal works.

Cargo handling services
Al Jazeera Port provides all port handling and stevedoring for general and break bulk cargoes and project cargoes.
The Port, utilizing its own experienced workforce of skilled plant operators provides a responsive and rapid customer service and has access to the full range of material handling equipments such as mobile fleet of cranes, shovels, forklifts and ship loaders. AJP can handle a range of commodities such as Steel, Rock, Dry Bulk and Project Cargoes.

Project Cargo Handling
AJP can take up comprehensive cargo handling projects.
AJP can handle a variety of project cargos, such as
•    Steel pipes / Structures 
•    Heavy machinery equipment 
•    Rig legs
•    Cables 
•    LPG tanks 
•    Excavators 
•    Dredging pipes 
•    Gas pipelines

Marine Services
Al Jazeera Port marine department offers a full range of marine and port handling activities including; 
• Pilotage and Mooring
• Chartering
• Berthing and tug assistance
• Stevedoring
• Ship chandelling
• Towing
The Hydrography service is available for hire. Enquiries should be made to
The Port’s tugs are also available for a wide variety of tasks including towage services and the transfer of products and personnel offshore.
Agency Services
•    Inward/ Outward clearance
•    Authentication of ship documents
•    Fresh water/ Diesel Supply
•    Crew sign on/off
•    Port clearance certificate
•    Customs documentation
•    Shore pass/ Visa preparations

Warehousing & Storage
Al Jazeera Port has 7,000 sqm of high quality, purpose built warehouse and covered storage space.
In addition there is a significant amount of open quay storage space.

Download the Port Position.

Dredging International (RAK) FZ-LLC, A company specializing in dredging, reclamation and offshore construction.  They are involved in many projects in the Gulf.  They established their RAK Laydown Yard in Al Jazeera Port in 2010, and now use it as an operational hub for their fleet of barges, dredgers and other equipment.

Contact Details:   
Dredging International (RAK) FZ-LL
Al Jazeera Port, Gate No. 1
PO Box 32569,
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Tel : +971 7 244 6671  |  Fax : +971 7 244 5143  
Email     :
Website :

Global Shipyard was established in Al Jazeera Port in January 2014. They specialize in shipyard services for offshore supply vessels, ship building, ship repair and conversion, design and engineering, together with dry dock facilities. They have taken out long term leases on 2 x dry berths at the port’s shipyard, 1 x warehouse and a suite of offices to support their ship building and repair activities.

The keel of their first new build was laid in February 2104 and is due for launch at the end of March 2015.

Contact Details:
Global Shipyard RMC FZC 
PO Box 5681, Al Jazeera Port
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Mobile   : +971 56 765 9042
Email     :
Website :

RAKTECH LLC, established in 2011 inside Al Jazeera Port, this company principally provides engineering solutions to marine and industrial customers. They have diversified their work into marine repair and servicing as a result of the rapidly growing maritime traffic in the Gulf region.

Contact Details:

PO Box 86057
Al Jazeera Port
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Tel  : +971 7 243 40 47  | Fax : +971 7 243 4048
Email     : 
Website :    

Union Shipping Agency was established in 1985. Since then the company has achieved a remarkable growth opening branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah, to cater for the increasing demand all over the United Arab Emirates.  Union Shipping Agencies operate extensively throughout the Middle East and is greatly respected for its ability to combine traditional values with a global vision.

Union Shipping has maintained a presence at Al Jazeera Port since the Port’s opening over a decade ago and continues to offer first rate agency services.

Contact Details:
Union Shipping Agency 

Head Office
PO Box 3645
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Tel  : +971 7 222 0666  | Fax : +971 7 222 2871
Email     :
Website :     

Emirates Stevedoring, part of the Union Holding Company, has been providing stevedoring and manpower services for many years at Al Jazeera Port, and offer unparalleled professional services in cargo handling.

Contact Details:
Emirates Stevedoring 

PO Box 1521
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Tel  : +971 7 266 8821  | Fax : +971 7 266 8363
Website :

Angel Ship Repairing LLC is a regular user of the Port’s shipyard since 2012 for the dry docking their client’s vessels.  They have dry docked 30 vessels to date.

Contact Details:
Angel Ship Repairing LLC
PO Box 5967,
Ajman, United Arab Emirates


Susan Margaret

P.O. Box - 5681 
Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 7 244 6627 * 202
Fax: +971 7 244 6651