Notice to Mariners / No.24 – 7th of October 2018

Notice to Mariners / No.24 – 7th of October 2018

Subject: Positioning of New Navigational Aids at Saqr Port deep-water bulk terminal  

Ref : BA Chart 3174, 3404 & attached drawing

Mariners are informed that a newly constructed Deepwater Bulk Terminal facility at Saqr Port will be operational on the 10 Oct 2018. The bulk terminal is located on the outer side of Saqr Port main lee breakwater and dredged to 18m below chart datum.

A new approach channel and turning area, with minimum depth 18m below CD, has been prepared for safe passage of vessels destined to the new terminal (see attached drawing). The pilot boarding position for the deep water bulk terminal is 26°01.803’N 056°00.212’E (2.5nm North West of Fairway buoy). In order to guide vessels the following aids to navigation have been established:

Colour Characteristic Latitude Longitude
Buoy C1 Green Fl.Q.G 25° 58.845’N 056° 02.332’E
Buoy C2 Red Fl.Q.R 25° 58.928’N 056° 02.442’E
Buoy C3 Green Fl.(2).G.6s 25° 58.536’N 056° 02.489’E
Buoy C4 Red Fl.(2).R.6s 25° 58.933’N 056° 02.707’E
Sector Light Occ RWG.6s 16m 6M
Centre Bearing 322.35°
25° 58.469’N 056° 02.749’E
Quayside Beacon S Red 2F.R (Vert)2M 25° 58.501’N 056° 02.670’E
Quayside Beacon N Red 2F.R (Vert)2M 25° 58.855’’N* 056° 02.784’E*

*The positions noted in the table is the final position. Initially this beacon will be positioned mid-way along the quayside indicating the completed section of the berth. Final position is expected early 2019.

All vessels calling to deep-water bulk terminal are advised to contact Saqr Port Control on VHF Channel 14 & 16 prior arrival.

Capt. Michael Magee
Group Harbour Master, RAK Ports
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