The major maritime hub sustaining the demands of the regional construction industry, Saqr Port is central to the economic success of the Middle East.

Saqr Port is the major bulk-handling port in the Middle East. Of the almost 60 million tonnes of cargo handled by RAK Ports annually, the majority is handled by Saqr Port. It’s unique location at the foot of the Hajar Mountains feeds into the burgeoning quarrying industry within Ras Al Khaimah, which produces sufficient quantities of aggregate, cement and other building materials to serve the majority of the construction projects within the GCC. This makes Saqr Port a vital part of the industrial supply chain throughout all of the Arabian Peninsula and beyond, providing materials for projects on a massive scale such as Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Saqr Port has a top-class reputation for fast, efficient cargo handling and rapid turnaround of vessels. Import / export movements have doubled through Saqr Port in the last five years with vessel turnaround time also doubling in efficiency to cope with the huge increase in cargo movements - a testament to the operational excellence of the Port management.

Saqr Port is committed to a strategy of continually investing in the quality and modernization of Port facilities, pursing a responsible, sustainable plan for future development which includes the creation of additional deep-water berths, capable of efficiently handling Capesize vessels.

Saqr Port is a shining example of quality maritime management, a fundamental building block in the continued growth of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Location Co-ordinates - N25 58 40/ E056 03 51.
  • Draft – 12.2 metres.
  • 42,000 square metres of covered warehouse.
  • Open storage areas in excess of 84 hectares.
  • 8 bulk-handling berths.
  • 3 container handling berths.
  • 1 general purpose berth.
  • 18 Mobile Harbour Cranes - with S.W.L. upto 124 tonnes under hook.
  • 2 Mobile Ship Loaders.
  • 2 Mobile Dock Loaders. 
  • Fleet of fork lift trucks up to 40 tonnes s.w.l.
  • Fleet of 46 Wheel Loaders upto 6.8 cbm bucket capacity.
  • 4 Telescopic Cranes from 50 ton to 90 ton.

Port Position

Berthing Schedule

Whether an importer or exporter, the journey from ship’s hold to quay, quay to storage, storage to road and onwards to the end customer, Saqr Port is perfectly poised, with competitive and efficient intermodal connections providing a completely integrated service for consumers. Saqr Port’s unique geographic position and services, combined with good road links to the main road networks of the UAE, mean that it is excellently positioned to distribute products within the UAE and beyond. Regular services sail from/to Saqr Port from/to many GCC, MENA, Indian Sub Continent and other World Wide countries including:

  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Iran
  • East and West Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Yemen

Cargo is handled at Saqr Port on both port and privately operated berths. The Port’s cargo handling department handles a wide diversity of imported and exported cargoes through the Port. The efficiency of the Port is well known in the industry and it has an established reputation for a fast turnaround of vessels, just one of the added value services that sets Saqr Port apart from other ports.

Bunkering Licence Holders

Phone: +971 7 205 6000