RAK Maritime City
RAK Maritime City

RAK Maritime City

Establishing a business in an innovative trading environment with waterside access to International shipping and distribution networks has never been easier. Welcome to RAK Maritime City Free Zone Authority.

To envision the combination of unrivalled port and free zone facilities, a conveniently-located logistics gateway, superb infrastructure, flexible company set-up frameworks and smart support services is to get a glimpse into the host of business possibilities that awaits you at RAK Maritime City Free Zone Authority, one of the Middle East’s most progressive business hubs.

RAK Maritime City Free Zone covers an area of several million square metres, divided into zoned plots which can accommodate businesses of varying size and across multiple industrial sectors. It’s strategic position as the nearest Free Zone the Strait of Hormuz has unique advantages in terms of fuel cost savings for tenants, and its port functionality and features in terms of entrance draft depth, deep-water berths, exclusive jetties and available quay wall are second to none.

Our professional and experienced team offer a fully integrated service to give you the support you need to establish your business, with a choice of flexible and attractive company set-up options to choose from which gives your business the freedom to select the optimum model for your requirements. Through every step of the process - initial application, company registration, facility leasing, the securing of licenses, permits and residence visas – we provide pro-active and high-quality assistance in ensuring the smooth and efficient launch of your business.

RAK Maritime City Free Zone - a centre of innovation, flexibility and opportunity for your business.

  • Location Co-ordinates - N25 56 32/ E056 03 00
  • Draft - 6.5 metres (harbour entrance)
  • 8 million square meters in area
  • Dedicated harbour covering 820,000 square meters of water
  • 5 kilometers of new quay wall
  • Plot sizes ranging upwards from 25,000 square meters
  • Berth / Jetty lengths 100+ meters (necessitates plot size of 40,000+ square meters)

Click the map to download the RAK Maritime City Free Zone Authority Plan.

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Bunkering Licence Holders

  • Al Maher Fuel  Trading LLC
  • Al Wadi General Trading 
  • Mark Petroleum Transportation L.L.C
  • Petco Energy Diesel L.L.C
  • Gulf Petrochem FZC

Operating Licence Holders

Ship Chandlers

Tenant List

Setting up in RAKMC involves obtaining a combination of business license, legal entity and a facility.

1. Types of Licenses

Note:  These Licenses are only valid within RAKMC – licensees are not allowed to operate in the UAE outside RAKMC premises.

1.1. Commercial License
This license allows the holder to import, export, sell, distribute and store items specified on the license. If the finished products are sold in the UAE market then the License holder will need to do this through a local distributor or a local agent. Up to seven activities under a similar business  activity group.

1.2. General Trading License
A General Trading License can be obtained under a Commercial License, which allows for more than seven product lines.

1.3. Industrial License
This license allows the holder to import raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing, processing and/or assembly of specified products. The finished products may be exported outside the UAE.  Sales in the UAE market must go through a distributor or a local agent.

2. Types of Legal Entities
A company wishing to set up business at RAKMC can be registered as one of the following four legal entities:

2.1. New Establishments

2.1.1. Free Zone Establishment
This type of Company can be formed only by one shareholder, either an individual (person) or a Company.
2.1.2. Free Zone Company
This type of Company can be formed by a minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of five founders. The founders can be Individuals (person), Non-Individuals (companies) or a combination of individuals and companies.
2.2. Branches

2.2.1. Local Branch
A branch of a domestic firm residing in the United Arab Emirates. The parent company should have existed for more than one year.

2.2.2. Foreign Branch
A branch of a international firm residing outside the United Arab Emirates. The parent company should have existed for more than one year.

Download the Rules & Regulations.

Download the Companies Implementing Regulations 2017

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E-mail: info.rmc@rakports.ae